KNX Integration

Exceptional KNX intgration with Home App on iPhone


KNX is a global standard for home and building automation, merging EIB, EHSA, and BCI in 1999 under Belgian law. Its protocol controls lighting, security, HVAC, and more, emphasizing energy efficiency and security. Widely adopted, KNX supports over 500 manufacturers and training centers worldwide, enhancing both residential and commercial applications.

The Cue Team has developed a robust control for the entire KNX range of products, ensuring a world of possibilities. Cue Home is compatible with over 500 brands and 20,000+ products that work on the KNX system.

System Requirements

KNX system is designed and integrated by a professional certified by as a KNX Partner. Cue Bridge needs a KNX IP gateway to communicate and control KNX System.

Cue Bridge can communicate with KNX System with the following device types;

1. KNX IP router

2. KNX IP Interface


The Home App

The entire KNX integration is carefully designed with the Home app user in mind, making it the world's first-ever KNX configuration for Apple Home. This setup not only delivers exceptional performance but also provides users with more control over their smart home compared to any other solution available in the market today.

Cue Bridge supports a complete system backup and restore that enables your Apple Home app to be configured once and restored in case of hardware or system failure, without impacting user-level customizations, automations, and scenes, making it an unmatched contender for your smart home.

Lighting Controls

Cue Bridge can configure complete set of lighting controls with KNX system. All the advance lighting controls can be realized with perfection with all the following device types.

1. Light Dimming ( Phase Cut, 0-10, 1-10, Dali )

2. Tunable White ( Dali - DT6 & DT8 )

3. RGBW/RGBWW ( Dali/KNX RGBW Actuator )

Switching & Automation

Configure all the switches, outlets, and even your KNX wired keypads as scene switches. This ensures that the reliability of the KNX system and the user-friendliness of the Home App are perfectly blended for the user.

We are proud of the exceptional Home App experience that Cue Bridge delivers.

Climate Controls

All the climate controls are specifically developed to attain the best in class performance over the Home app on iPhone.

1. Curtains with % Control

2. Venetian Blinds with % & Slat controls

3. Fan speed control ( Specifically defined for many manufacturers )

4. HVAC controls over Cool Master & KNX IR

Security & Sensors

Many integrated systems offer KNX based Lock controls for drop-bolt locks; and we have accounted for that very carefully. Here is the list of all the device type that can be integrated;

1. Lock ( Dry Lock via ETS )

2. Motion Sensor

3. Occupancy Sensor

4. Contact Sensor ( Door/window )

5. Temperature Sensor


KNX systems have been used globally for over three decades. We are committed to delivering the best user experience with all new upcoming projects, as well as upgrading existing systems with Apple Home in under an hour.

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